Top 5 Academy Award Winning Movies to Watch on Your Home Theater System

Statuettes nominations before presentation

Statuettes nominations before presentation

The movie awards season is finally over, and soon the last of the big name films will see release on VOD services and Blu-ray. While you wait, it’s a good time to sort through some Academy Award winners to find titles that will stretch the capabilities of your home theater system to provide a truly memorable movie watching experience.

Our Top Picks

Enjoy the following modern masterpieces, and discover why the Academy fell in love with them.

The Revenant (Best Actor-Leonardo DiCaprio)

The Revenant is a powerful tale about a man (DiCaprio) left to die in the wilderness after an attack by a wild bear. DiCaprio’s performance captivates as he seeks revenge on those who left him for dead. This was DiCaprio’s first Academy Award, but based on the strength of his performance, it surely won’t be his last.
Watch It At Home Because: The film’s location shoots in remote wilderness areas create extraordinary visual contrast to enjoy in your home theater. You’ll also enjoy DiCaprio’s nuanced exploration of a complex character.

Inside Out (Best Animated Feature Film)

This touching film tells the story of a young girl, Riley, who is transported from her life in the Midwest to a new home in San Francisco. The audience follows her tale through the eyes of her emotions, as she learns to balance Joy, Fear, Sadness, and more.
Watch It At Home Because: This is one of Disney’s best films in years. It has a fun and engaging story that kids will love, while bringing an emotional depth that parents will enjoy. This is the perfect film for a family movie night at home.

Mad Max: Fury Road (Best Film Editing)

Some of the best films to watch on your home theater are pulse pounding thrill rides with heart-stopping visuals and teeth rattling audio. Fury Road is the story of a group of rebels fighting in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A sequel to the original Mad Max movies, Fury Road is a worthy addition to that canon.
Watch It At Home Because: Fury Road is a veritable feast for the senses. This is an action movie that strikes the right balance between the excitement of explosions and the need for story and character development.

The Hateful Eight (Best Musical Score)

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most highly decorated writers and directors of the past two decades, and The Hateful Eight is another strong addition to his catalog. The film was nominated for more than half a dozen awards, winning the award for best score. This ensemble piece is the story of two bounty hunters who are forced to stay the night in a strange home during a blizzard.
Watch It At Home Because: This Academy Award winner is a testament to the power of music to supplement storytelling. Throughout the film, Ennio Morricone weaves a musical thread that enhances every scene, deepening the impact of the dialogue and visuals. You can really get a sense of the impact of music when played an a top of the line home audio system.

Ex Machina (Best Visual Effects)

Perhaps the most visually beautiful movie of 2015, Ex Machina flew under the radar of many moviegoers until awards season. The film shows how close society is to blurring the line between sentient artificial intelligence and human beings when a computer scientist engages in the evaluation of a new A.I.
Watch It At Home Because: This Academy Award winner seamlessly blends CGI and visual effects into the scenes, to the point you’ll wonder whether or not the filmmakers actually created a real life humanoid A.I.

Performance Audio

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