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It’s not something that you think about very often, but the modern workplace is rapidly moving beyond basic network and Internet connectivity and moving into the realm of office audio-visual systems.

Sure, Fortune 500 companies have been on the cutting edge of systems like teleconferencing and video displays in public areas for years, but with the growing presence and diminishing costs of various video and Internet technologies, even the smallest business can make use of facilities and equipment once reserved for corporate giants.

Small Businesses

Performance Audio SF Office Conference Audio Video Systems

A small business doesn’t have to operate on a technology shoestring. If anything, some of the most dynamic small businesses are ones that can maximize their impact by utilizing what were previously corporate audio-visual solutions to communicate with vendors and suppliers.

A small teleconference-ready meeting room can allow for faster and easier communication, giving small businesses the depth of a face-to-face meeting while allowing rapid sharing of information such as presentation slide decks and work orders without having to leave the room.

Mid-Level Enterprise

Performance Audio San Fran Office Conference Audio Video Systems

If yours is one of those companies that is too big to properly be called a small business, but much too small to be a major corporate entity, business AV installations will be one of the things that help grow your business from the inside out. Conference room AV equipment can be used for scenarios ranging from an executive teleconference to an all-hands presentation showing where the company is heading for the next quarter.

Combine that with training rooms that are wired up to the company’s internal resources, and you’re well on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned within the market.

Corporate Giants

Corporate audio video systems in San Francisco

Corporate audio-visual solutions can be some of the best investments that you can make.  From multiple teleconference rooms to office video that provides near-real-time updates of critical data, the possibilities are as diverse as the products and services your company provides. Beyond the mission-critical systems that can help your business run, there are other scenarios to consider, such as TVs in break rooms or common areas to keep employees up to date on the world outside the office.

And for a bit of ostentation that demonstrates your commitment to the latest technology, video display walls showing off the company logo or basic information about the company in the lobby are an incredible way to make an impression to visitors, vendors and potential employees.

Performance Audio

Performance Audio has been serving the Bay Area for four decades, working not only in the home audio field but business AV installations as well. Feel free to give us a call, visit our website or come down and explore our San Francisco showroom. Let us help you make your business that much better.