Commercial Audio Video Systems

Performance Audio Commercial AV Services

Performance Audio is the premier commercial audio-visual company in San Francisco. With a broad array of products from the top names in the industry, and with installers who have years of experience under their belts, calling on our services for commercial AV systems installation is an easy choice.

Video Conferencing


Performance Audio Video Conferencing Systems

With the advent of large-scale broadband Internet connectivity and the explosive miniaturization of video equipment, the ability to create dedicated video conferencing infrastructure has never been easier.

When combining that technology with the considerable experience of Performance Audio installers, we offer the best office video conferencing systems in California, or anywhere else.

Corporate Audio & Video Systems

Commercial audio video solutions in San Francisco

Whether it’s a small conference room that holds a dozen people, or a large presentation space designed to hold hundreds of employees, it’s important to make sure that everybody can comfortably see and hear the multimedia presentations you’ve prepared for them.

Performance Audio can work with you to select the best projectors, sound systems, and related hardware to make sure your corporate AV system can get your message out to the entire staff clearly every time.

Retail & Restaurant Multimedia

Performance Audio Commercial AV Solutions

Talking about commercial audio and video can be a tricky sort of area because it covers a broad array of scenarios.  It might be as simple as the TV screens in a sports bar, or it might be as complicated as placing security cameras to minimize theft of stock and monitor employee performance.

Determining the right equipment needed and the proper placement for that technology is all part of the great service provided by Performance Audio.

Commercial Sound Systems

Commercial audio video solutions in San Francisco

This particular service is, in some respects, a subset of Performance Audio’s general commercial audio-video services.  But in other respects, it’s a dedicated area of service all its own.  It has long been established that the right sort of ambient music, played at the right levels, can help to influence customer behavior and encourage purchases.

A good commercial sound system installation can carry not only music to customers but also help provide timely announcements to those customers as well as staff members.  It’s a potent tool that can greatly help a business if it is utilized properly.

Performance Audio

For more information on the top quality commercial services offered by Performance Audio, give us a call today to discuss your needs. We look forward to helping you!