How to Get the Best Sound in Your San Francisco Apartment without Disturbing the Neighbors

If you find yourself living in an apartment with a neighbor only a few inches away on the other side of a wall or ceiling, the search for a high-end sound system can be tough. You may be forced to balance your dream setup with your neighbor’s desire to sleep soundly.
Fortunately, Performance Audio has a handful of products that are specifically designed for use in small and shared spaces.

Number of Speakers

Unless you live in an unusually large apartment, the reality is that your living room is probably not big enough to really make use of some of the more advanced speaker systems. Instead, you can save some money and wiring by going with a few well-placed speakers.
There are even some brilliant units out there which contain all of your speakers in a single box, but aimed in different directions to create the surround sound feel using just reflections.
Wall mounting your speakers can also help you save floor space, but will also provide you the versatility you need to aim your speakers and dial them in. Hiring the help of expert professionals, like those at Performance Audio, to do your San Francisco home audio installation will give your room the best possible sound, while working within your budget.

Limit your Low End

We all know that it’s generally the bass sounds that neighbors complain about. Standard construction materials do very little to slow down that low-end frequency, and due to the short distance of your living room, your neighbor may be the only one actually feeling the full effects of your subwoofer.
You can change this a little bit by placing your sub off-center and adding distance between it and your neighbor’s wall. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do for shared floors and ceilings.
Talk to your neighbor about your new system and see if you can get a feel for what it sounds like from their apartment. You can turn down the gain a bit and try to limit your low end so that you can still get a good feel from the bass without making the neighbor’s china cabinet shatter.

Sound Proofing

If you are the ultimate movie buff and you just can’t imagine giving up any of your Performance Audio special effects, the next step is to consider adding some soundproofing.
There are plenty of reasonably priced sound panels available and the latest trend is to buy custom-printed acoustic panels with your favorite landscapes and portraits so they double as decor when they aren’t soaking up audio waves.

Performance Audio

Performance Audio has been designing custom sound systems for people in apartments all over San Francisco for years. We can help you be a good neighbor while still getting that movie theater feel at home. By combining careful speaker placement with moderate bass,you can get the perfect level of sound without being a nuisance to your neighbors.

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