High Performance Audio: Is It Worth the Cost?

Subwoofer Speaker

Shopping for home audio products can be extremely confusing for the average consumer. When you visit a store or browse an online site, you’ll find so many products that it can be hard to even know what you’re looking at half the time.

Then you have to consider how much money you’re really able to spend on high performance audio and whether or not it’s really worth it. Believe it or not, many people aren’t sold on high performance audio.

The fact is that high performance audio is generally worth every penny that you pay for it, for a whole host of reasons. Keep reading to learn more about why you shouldn’t go the cheapest route when installing audio equipment in your home.

Why High Performance Audio?

A lot of people who are new to the world of high performance home audio wonder why so many people spend so much money on audio equipment. After all, doesn’t the TV you already have come with speakers?

The reason people love their high performance audio equipment is because it brings out the details in movies, sporting events and music that you enjoy at home. From improved dialogue clarity when you’re watching a movie to the squeak of a player’s shoes on the basketball court, better audio makes for a more immersive experience for the viewer.

When you listen to music through high performance equipment, you’ll be able to hear nuances and details that are obscured or completely lost with lesser systems. You might think the differences would be minimal, but the fact is that the difference between what a high-end system and a cheap system can reveal is often immediately obvious and staggering to even average consumers.

What Do I Need?

Quality audio equipment usually doesn’t come in a package where you just plug everything in and get going like cheaper equipment often does. You’ll need to pick pieces that are right for your home audio setup.

Picking the right pieces of audio equipment can be tricky for consumers, but there are a few essential pieces that you’ll need for the best home audio quality.

Audio Receiver

Your audio receiver is where all of your components meet. It’s also the device you’ll use to select the source you want to listen to.

Most high quality audio receivers today have many inputs of different types, ranging from analog RCA to optical, HDMI and coaxial. This allows you to plug multiple devices like your cable box, CD player, DVD player and even a smartphone or tablet into your receiver to play through your speakers.

When you’re shopping for a receiver, find one that’s appropriate for the size of your room. One that produces too much sound will simply be a waste of money for you.

Measure the distance from your TV screen or speakers to your listening position and keep that information with you when you go shopping. It will come in handy.


Your speakers are an incredibly important piece of a home theater setup. For the best overall sound, look for a system designed for your needs.

Are you interested in watching movies in surround sound or do you want the perfect stereo setup for audio? Know your needs before you go shopping for high performance audio speakers.


Your subwoofer should be handling everything below 80Hz in your listening area, so it’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle. You’ll get more low-end information if you use one, and movies and music will both be more exciting. Keep subwoofers a few feet from walls for the best possible sound.

Performance Audio
At Performance Audio, we are proud to help our customers create a high-quality home audiovisual experience. We can work with any budget are confident that you’ll be amazed when you see and hear how your new system comes together. Please visit us in person or online today to get started.


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