Holiday Home Theater Gift Guide

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may be feeling like you don’t know what to get for all your family and friends. Never fear because Performance Audio has some great holiday gift ideas for your favorite cinephile or audiophile… or both!

Sound Off

One thing that all movie buffs and music fans find important is a great sound system. Whether it’s a studio apartment or a spacious home, the air within it has to be filled with the richest sound possible.

Happily, Performance Audio can help bring out that sound in a number of ways. For the discerning audiophile with a small space, the Sonos Play:1 delivers deep sound in a compact package. The Play:1 also has the added benefit of being resistant to humidity, which gives your favorite shower karaoke singer a chance to rock out in style without leaving the bathroom door open.

Music lovers who have the space to designate a room as their own personal conservatory, or the movie buff who’s made a close approximation to a screening room, will appreciate the flexibility of the Sonos Play:5, which can adjust its output to compensate for the physical layout of the room, or the discreet but powerful Playbar, which can tuck under any TV and pump out high fidelity sound to make any film or album in their collection an all new experience.

Even better, we’re currently running specials on all Sonos equipment, which can help bring joy to your friends and family without causing any misery to your budget.

The Projection Booth

While TVs are still a staple, some home theater folks may be looking to swap out from a flat screen to a flat wall, courtesy of a home theater projector. These projectors are smaller than a TV, yet can throw up an image considerably larger than their physical dimensions.

Even better, some models are designed for a “short throw,” which is perfect for people who are constrained in their physical space. At that end of the spectrum, Sony offers the MP-CL1A mobile projector, a portable unit with 1920×720 resolution, Bluetooth to connect headphones wirelessly, and a throw distance of less than four feet make this an attractive option for people who not only have small spaces, but like to be able to entertain at their friends’ home.

At the other end of the scale, the 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector offers the ultimate 4K home theater experience, cranking out an image up to 147 inches in size at over 5000 lumens with its laser projector, the brightest image currently available for home theater.

Performance Audio San Francisco

These are just a few gift possibilities for you and yours this holiday season. We hope that you’ll visit Performance Audio as your go-to store for the very best tech gifts. Come see us today!

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