Home Security Systems in San Francisco


Home Security Systems in San Francisco Performance Audio

With computer and networking technologies increasing in sophistication and decreasing in both cost and size, along with the explosion of internet and cloud services, “smart” home security installation has progressed past basic alarm systems and into fully integrated systems that can help secure your home against intruders and provide timely information for law enforcement and insurance purposes.

Control Household Systems Wirelessly

Home Security Systems in San Francisco Performance Audio

Any sort of “smart” system requires a means to control the components that make up that system, preferably in such a way as to make it user-friendly. Not only that, but it should be accessible both within the home and, if necessary, when away from home through a smartphone or other mobile devices.

Lock & Unlock Your Doors

Home Security Systems in San Francisco Performance Audio

The first line of defense in any home is still the lock on the front door. And while you don’t need to throw away your house keys just yet, you may find them not getting used as often. Button combination pads, “pass card” sensors, and remote control systems can all play a part in securing your home.

Whether it’s turning a key, entering a code or just tapping a fob against a sensor plate, physical access to your home will be under your control.

Monitor Security Cameras

Home Security Systems in San Francisco Performance Audio

Observing your surroundings is a key element of security, and strategically placed cameras can help with that observation. With just a few taps on a tablet, you can see who’s waiting at the front door or capture video of potential intruders when tripping a motion sensor. They don’t have to be on all the time, but when they are, you can be glad you can see through them.

Control Your Home Alarm System

Home Security Systems in San Francisco Performance Audio

Alarm systems are intended to get people’s attention, whether it’s your neighbors next door or people in other parts of the house. Newer alarm systems can now reach out and call the appropriate emergency services personnel needed to deal with the situation at hand, whether it’s fire, police or medical.

Letting people know that there is a problem happening is the first step in resolving that issue.

Performance Audio

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