Custom Home Theater Systems & Installations in San Francisco

 custom home theaters in San Francisco

Enjoy the richness of surround sound and vibrant, high-definition television visuals with a custom home theater. Each system is uniquely defined by your interior décor design and audio/visual priorities, such as enjoying your gaming setup or stereophonic music.

From Entertainment Center to Home Theater

San Francisco Home Theater Performance Audio

Once you experience a well-tuned home theater system, it’s hard to settle for anything less. Here are some things to consider when planning your home theater system.

Now, you can have it all-in-one

San Francisco Home Theater Performance Audio

Like most people, you might have your television/DVD system in one place, gaming in another, and your music system in yet another location. With a home theater system, you can unify your entertainment systems in one media room, with spectacular visuals and audio!

Creating a home theater system provides added value to your property investment, enhances your lifestyle and makes your home more appealing to friends and family. Affordability is key and financing options are easier than ever, so don’t be intimidated by the intricacies of creating a brand-new system or integrating new and old components for maximum performance. At Performance Audio, you can get help at every level from your personal audio/video specialist, who will assess what you want and create a system to meet those needs.

Home Theater Design

San Francisco Home Theater Performance Audio

Your home theater design can be subtle and innocuous or pop with energy and color! Whether you’re looking to upgrade one room or the whole house, a home theater will be as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. Performance Audio also helps eliminate those messy tangles of wires and cords, by hiding the wiring in walls and ceilings whenever possible.

Options to consider for your home theater system include:

  • Blackout and programmable shades
  • Lighting
  • Screen size and location
  • Seating arrangements and types of chairs
  • Security
  • Soundproofing
  • Speakers


Home Theater Installation

San Francisco Home Theater Performance Audio

Once you’ve selected the electronics and equipment that works best for you, it’s time to get everything in place! Your audio/video professional will install the theater system so it minimizes eyestrain and the discomfort of strained necks.

The specialist will measure your home to ensure the best location of TV screens and speakers. Usually, components will be placed at least eight inches from the wall to allow for necessary ventilation and servicing, especially receivers, which create the most heat.


Home Theater Service and Support

Home Theater Support in San Francisco

Proactive people put service and support plans in place before they’re needed, to shorten “down” time and ensure their new system stays in tip-top shape. Some support and service options you may consider include:

  • 24/7 response
  • Home networking solutions
  • Internet security
  • Onsite tech service
  • Unlimited online, telephone and in-store support

We Carry the Best Home Theater Brands

Your electronic equipment comes with manufacturer warranties from some of the leaders in home theater system technology. Some of the brands we carry are::

  • Elite by Pioneer
  • Epson
  • JVC Professional
  • Kaleidescape
  • Oppo
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony ES
  • Sony XBR
  • LG
  • Savant

If you’re considering updating or integrating a music, audio or theater system, consult with a Performance Audio professional today. For 40 years, we’ve provided experienced sales and service throughout the San Francisco area! We want to bring excitement into your home, with a customized home theater system. Call us today for more information or stop by our showroom at the corner of California and Divisadero Streets today!