How a Smart Home Can Benefit Busy Families

Smart Home Products for Busy FamiliesIt seems like every new device that comes out these days is a smart one. So many of us have smart phones in our pockets that the term has really lost a lot of meaning. Still, having a smart home can truly make an impact in your day-to-day life.

Get Smart

To understand how a smart home can benefit you though, you need to understand the components and how they work. Keep reading to learn more about smart products for your home and how they can make almost everything easier for you and the members of your family.

Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are the norm in most houses these days, but if you really want the best, going with a smart thermostat is, well, a lot smarter! Not only are smart thermostats easy to control from wherever you are in the world via your smart phone, they can actually help you save money after they’re installed.

How can a new device help you save money? When nobody’s home, you can turn the AC or heat off, even if you’re not there to do it. Even changing the temperature a few degrees for eight hours a day can make a massive difference in your heating and cooling bills, especially in the winter and summer months.

Smart Locks and Openers

When it comes to smart home devices, smart locks and garage door openers are getting a lot of attention right now. Say goodbye to locking yourself out by leaving your keys inside. Smart homes with smart locks and openers do a lot more for you than that.

When you install smart locks and garage door openers, you’ll be able to let people into your home without them having a key. The dog walker, your teenage child, even the FedEx delivery driver can leave a package for you without you being there.

You won’t ever have to worry about whether you locked the door when you go out either. You can just lock the doors of your smart home with your smart phone.

Alarm Systems

Worrying whether you set the alarm before you left will be a thing of the past in a smart home. You’ll also be able to see if something is wrong at home, all from a notification on your phone, no matter where you are.

Many smart home systems even update customers on what’s going on after the alarm sounded via smart phone apps. If that’s not peace of mind, we’re not sure what peace of mind is. New products can allow you to see who is approaching your front door – even in the dark.

Smart Home Theater

Home theater products are smart enough for most people, but if you love entertaining or just really enjoy your music and movies, there are some smart home products that can help you take it to the next level. Among the top picks are systems by Crestron, which allow for whole home automation of your video and audio components.

Many Crestron systems even use iPads to allow you complete access as you move through your home.

Performance Audio

Visit Performance Audio in San Francisco to learn more about smart systems that can improve your life and your time spent at home and keep your home safe while you’re away. Whether you’re looking for whole home systems, or just a few intelligent upgrades, Performance Audio can help.

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