Building Your Perfect Gaming Space in San Francisco

Gaming Space

After a long day at work, the only thing that has sustained you is the idea of coming home, firing up your favored gaming platform, and losing yourself in the latest title.

Like any good sanctuary hidden from the world, you need to make your gaming space just right, a spot where you feel most comfortable. Whether you’ve built up a collection of furniture and equipment, or you’re going for a radical overhaul, you have to make your custom game room all your own.

Take a Seat

Arguably, one of the most critical components in any sort of custom video game console set-up or computer set-up is going to be the furniture that you use to sit upon.

Solo or Team Player

If you’re strictly a solo player, invest in something more comfortable than the typical office chair. For those who expect to be engaging more in “couch co-op” games with friends, a large sectional will provide not only ample seating for yourself and your soon-to-be-beaten opponent, but also for the audience members who get to watch the gaming in person.

Game Group

If space is at a premium, consider a more traditional couch with ottomans backing it up. The ottomans make for improvised seating in a pinch, and some models can also do double duty as storage space, a big bonus for those with small rooms.

Sound and Fury

You want to not only hear the sound from your games, you want to feel it. Depending on the layout, your custom video game room may be able to handle a full surround sound set-up.

If you’re going all out, Performance Audio can help as we handle those types of set-ups for home theater work as well as custom video game rooms. On the other hand, with a small space, a simple sound bar speaker can deliver multi-channel sound with a minimum of work.

One last thing to consider is your neighbors. They may not appreciate the sounds of battle or the furious screams of monsters, so if there’s a way to dampen the sound without killing the experience, look into it

Personal Touches

When you’re trying to differentiate a space as “the game room,” it’s the little touches that can make all the difference. Do you agonize over fighting game brackets before inviting friends over? Hang a white board for everybody to see. Did you spend more than you’d openly admit on games-as-toys figures? Get a curio cabinet and line those guys up.

Be sure not to ignore the functional side of the room. Make sure there are end tables to hold your drinks and spare controllers. Color code and cable tie the cords so they don’t get snarled up. Set up a mini-fridge to keep the energy drinks nicely chilled and get ready to have a great time, every time!

Performance Audio

At Performance Audio, we have the experience and equipment to make the game room of your dreams a reality. Contact us today for more information.

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