Residential Services

Performance Audio Home Theater

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home entertainment options, or add some automation services into your home, Performance Audio can help get you get started and guide you all the way to a very satisfying conclusion.

Carrying some of the top name brands in consumer electronics across a wide array of possible design scenarios, we’re ready and able to help bring your home to a new level of innovative entertainment.

Home Theater

Residential Services in San Francisco Performance Audio

The design and installation of home theater systems has been a staple of Performance Audio’s residential services for years.  You can rely on the combined expertise of our installers to make sure that everything is right for your particular space.

You may not know the difference between a 4K UHD LED display and an DCI OLED, but Performance Audio can make it easy to understand and help you choose the option that best suits your needs.\

Home Audio

Residential Services in San Francisco Performance Audio

In the same vein as home theater, home audio systems are another area where Performance Audio excels, bringing you the best possible sound quality for music lovers and audiophiles in general.

From speaker selection to layout, our staff will work with you to select the right equipment based on your needs and preferences.

Smart Homes

Performance Audio Smart Home Automation

With San Francisco being so closely tied to Silicon Valley, the rise of home automation installations is perfectly understandable.  Performance Audio is taking on this exciting new area of consumer electronics and is ready to transform your space into a genuine “smart home.”

With everything from dimmers for lights to integrated remote control functions for home theater and audio components, we can put the power to control everything in your home at your fingertips.

Home Security

Residential Services in San Francisco Performance Audio

An additional aspect of home automation, and one that demands a high degree of technical proficiency as well as careful implementation, home security systems are have evolved past basic alarms and sensors.

Systems integrated as part of a home automation set-up involve cameras, remote operation of locks, and localized reports from specific sensors to identify break-ins.  As a critical component of your family’s safety, Performance Audio takes the greatest possible care when implementing these systems.

Performance Audio

Performance Audio has been serving the Bay Area for years and is constantly working to improve our range of products and services.  Feel free to give us a call or visit our store to learn more about how we can make your home a safer, more secure residence and entertainment destination for your family.