School Audio Video Systems in San Francisco

Performance Audio Classroom Audio Visual Systems in San Francisco

Schools throughout the Bay area are utilizing technology to deliver some of the highest-quality educational programs in the state. From classrooms and laboratories to theaters and conference rooms, Performance Audio can install and integrate technology into every aspect of the educational process.

Technology for Teaching

Performance Audio School Media Systems in San Francisco

Teachers and students benefit from the installation of commercial audio and video systems, including interactive digital whiteboards, HD monitors and projectors. These systems create a technological envelope that allows teachers to deliver premium presentations to students throughout the semester.

The integration of these technologies into the classroom enhances engagement and improves educational performance. Moreover, these systems also make it considerably easier for students with disabilities to participate and benefit from classroom discussions.

Students also benefit from systems that allow live broadcast satellite programming and school broadcasting. These systems can expose students to the vast world beyond their neighborhoods and give them the encouragement to explore the enormous possibilities that exist “out there.”

Coupled with customized audio visual systems for auditoriums, cafeterias, gyms and laboratories, the results are nothing short of remarkable, which is why school districts across the country are investing in the installation of technologically advanced systems for the enrichment of their students.

Tools for Administration & Oversight

Performance Audio School Media Systems in San Francisco

From the school conference room in San Francisco to the downtown San Francisco office of the San Francisco Unified School District, video conferencing makes it easier for principals and administrators in the building to meet with administrators in the main office. This saves time and improves communication which makes it easier to keep the school running smoothly.

The results are remarkable when existing technology is upgraded to include technologically advanced paging and intercom systems, integrated bell systems and emergency notification systems and software. Combined, these systems give administrators greater control over the day-to-day functions and operations within their buildings. This improves security, streamlines services and expedites response times in the event of emergencies.

In both the classroom setting and the conference room, many of these systems rely on intuitive design so that even novice users can master the automation and control systems in short order and put them to good use as soon as they are installed.

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