Smart Lighting Systems for Your San Francisco Residence

Smart Lighting in San Francisco

In recent years, the move to energy-efficient light bulbs has led the charge for more advanced lighting technology and automated options. As homeowners become more aware of how much lighting affects their power bills and the look of their homes, tech companies have jumped on board with a number of great new control system solutions for integrating smart lighting into our daily lives.

App-Based Controls and Motion Sensors

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How many times have you shouted at your kids to shut off the lights downstairs? How often do you walk through the house at bedtime, flipping every switch that was left on? With new smart lighting solutions, you can now use a mobile app to see which lights are currently on and switch them off with the touch of a button.
In addition, many smart lighting systems include motion sensors that automatically shut off lights after a period of no activity. This keeps energy usage to a minimum and reduces the number of times you need to shut off lights throughout the day.


Lighting Scenes

Smart lighting systems in San Francisco

Another common feature being introduced with today’s smart lighting systems is the ability to set “scenes” for your lights. For instance, your reading time scene may include soft lighting, which allows you to relax while still providing plenty of ambient light to see the page.
A music scene could include colorful lights to match the mood when you are pumping tunes through your sound system. Most systems come with preset scenes for common activities like watching TV, working out and more, but they also allow you to customize your own.

Advanced Features

Smart lighting systems in San Francisco

If you are investing in a really high-end smart lighting system, you can expect to see a number of other features as well. Some systems have bedtime timers, which automatically shut off the lights at a specific time. Others track the time of day so if someone gets up in the middle of the night and sets off the motion sensor, it will only trigger dim lighting instead of waking up the whole house.
Lastly, some systems are automated to work with your doorbell after dark to flash a light instead of ringing the doorbell after the kids are asleep. You can add colors, movement and plenty more to your home automation system to enhance your lighting while eliminating waste.

Performance Audio

We can expect more and more homes to include smart lighting capabilities in coming years. They add significant value for the homeowner in terms of efficiency and convenience, saving you time and money every month. They also include plenty of fun features to add to the look and feel of your home so that you can be comfortable and enjoy every second you spend there.
To learn more about smart home lighting and other smart home features, please contact the friendly professionals at Performance Audio.

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