The Best Home Theater Systems for 2017

Home Theater systems 2017It’s a brand new year, full of possibilities and opportunities to upgrade your home theater setup. You may have been waiting until after the holidays for good deals. Or maybe you just wanted to see how things settled out before making your next big-ticket purchase. Whatever your reasoning, we’ve got some thoughts on how to get your home theater ready for 2017.

Fine Lines

By this point, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs are the focal point of even the most basic of home theater setups. But new technologies are poised to deliver even more incredible experiences. One of the first big technologies that will be starting to hit its stride in 2017 is 8K UHD. While it’s been technically possible the last few years, it hasn’t been something that has been available in a consumer offering until very recently. Expect 8K displays to start making waves soon.
On the other end of the spectrum, the recent growth of consumer VR equipment has brought the idea of a smaller-scale home theater experience with portable home theater headsets. While the display quality is not quite up to 4K standards, it’s certainly an option for those who want to watch a movie by themselves and not bother the neighbors.

Speak To Me

Part of what distinguishes home theater installations from your run-of-the-mill TV-and-tuner combination is the quality and the placement of the speakers. Good basic 5.1 and 7.1 configurations can turn the average viewing experience into something far more immersive. And while placement of the speakers for optimal sound quality carries a degree of fine tuning, it’s gotten a lot easier to accomplish with the rise of “wireless” speaker kits that merely require power while connecting to a hub either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
For those who are looking to wring the most out of their speaker system and more closely duplicate the feel of a multiplex auditorium without all the crowds, a number of home theater speaker systems are coming out with Dolby Atmos functionality built in. You’ll probably see these kits showing up as “5.1.2,” where the first digit is the number of regular speakers placed on a horizontal plane (the floor or a uniform height along the walls), the second is the subwoofer and the third is the number of “vertical” speakers mounted on the ceiling.

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With CES 2017 just wrapping up, you can expect a lot of refinements to existing home theater technologies, as well as new ones that may just move you upgrade. Performance Audio can help you pick out the best gear for your budget and help make your home theater that much better for the new year.

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