The Best Summer Movies of 2016

Best summer movies of 2016The summer movie season has arrived, which means superheroes and reboots once again dominate as Hollywood continues to mine the Marvel archives and its own previous successes. However, this season also promises exciting adventures in the New Zealand bush, international espionage with a comedic twist, and a flatulent corpse on a deserted island.

Our Top Picks

Hold onto your armrests as we flash through the most anticipated summer movies of 2016. While some of these are likely a must-see at the theater, others could do with a fall home streaming, while still others you’ll want to own for repeat enjoyment at your home theater.

Finding Dory.

It’s been 13 years since Nemo was found, and now amnesiac family friend Dory has gone missing. Ellen Degeneres once again voices the titular fish with Albert Brooks as BFF Marlin the Clownfish. This is Pixar’s only film release of the year and is, as with most of the studio’s films, focused on the bonds of friendships and family (with comedic charm sprinkled along the way).

Central Intelligence.

Kevin Hart’s small frame accountant character plays the perfect foil to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s gigantic figure and imposing role as a CIA contract killer. Everyone loves a good buddy comedy and with arguably the best 2016 film tagline of, “Saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson,” this one’s looking to nail the genre.
Independence Day: Resurgence.  20 years ago the sci-fi planet invasion blockbuster Independence Day became a summer sensation, going on to out earn every other film in 1996. Once again, aliens are attacking, but this time the brave men and women of Earth are fighting back with recovered technology from the aliens themselves. Expect plenty of thrills, mysteries, and CGI gadgetry in this highly anticipated sequel.

Swiss Army Man.

This one stars our farting corpse, a concept much of the audience at the film’s Sundance premiere couldn’t forget. This is the story of a man who finds himself stranded on a near-deserted island with the aforementioned dead body. It’s been hailed as one of the more unique summer movies of the year with a blend of toilet humor, playful visuals, and surprisingly deep reflections on the nature of man.

The BFG.

After a series of politically-minded films, Steven Spielberg brings back the magic with his take on Roald Dahl’s most beloved children’s book, The BFG. Recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance will voice the titular BFG, aka Big Friendly Giant, with newcomer Ruby Barnhill in the role of his best friend Sophie. The source material has a great deal of heart and many book lovers wait with bated breath to see how that translates on the screen.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Where Finding Dory and The BFG will certainly appeal to the much younger audiences and those looking for some nostalgia, critics anticipate the Hunt for the Wilderpeople will be a hit with tweens, teens, and others looking for something in between animation fun and harder-hitting adult comedies. A foster kid who finds hope in hip hop teams up with a 60-something grouch to survive the wilderness. Do not underestimate this film. It’s been championed by critics as hilarious with just the right touch of heart, and we expect it to be most re-watchable of this year’s summer movies.

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