The 5 Best Home Audio Speakers on The Market

Best home theater speakersThe speakers you use in your home to listen to music or handle the sound from your home theater system obviously make a huge difference. While more and more consumers are choosing products that feature convenience over quality, at Performance Audio we still think there’s a place for top-notch home audio speakers that don’t compromise.

The Paradox of Choice

If you’re in the market for home audio speakers though, chances are you’re overwhelmed by all of the choices. There are a lot of great products out there, but if you’re going to buy one set, why not go for the best for your particular room and budget?
Keep reading to learn more about the top five home audio speakers for your listening environment.

GoldenEar Technology Triton One

The top-of-the-line model in GoldenEar’s Triton Series, the Triton One incorporates all the advanced technologies that this speaker series is known for and represents the very best that GoldenEar offers.
It features a 56-bit DSP engine powering the sub section, balanced crossover design and film capacitors. Coming in at around $2,499 each, these speakers are pricey, but we believe the sound they produce justifies the cost.

GoldenEar Technology Triton Two+

From former Polk Audio and Definitive Technology co-founder Sandy Gross, comes a new line of loudspeakers designed to knock your socks off without completely breaking the bank. In that regard, GoldenEar Technology and the Triton Two+ have completely succeeded.
Often praised for their incredible midrange and ability to accurately reproduce everything from the human voice to a distant piano line, the Triton Two is a floor-style loudspeaker that commands attention. Priced at just around $2,500 per pair, you’ll also be getting quite a bargain. In fact, many audiophiles wonder how GoldenEar can even offer them at that price. Don’t ask questions – just buy a pair before the price goes up!

Vandersteen Treo

Vandersteen may not be a household name to all consumers, but to people who love audio, they’re a name that’s considered one of the best. The Treo is based on the brand’s signature Model 2. It is a very attractive and modern-looking speaker available in a wide array of food finishes
Treos start at $6,900 per pair and deliver excellent performance in a striking and elegant design. They are proudly made in the United States of America.

Paradigm Prestige 95F

Paradigm might already be on this list, but the Prestige 95F definitely deserves a mention anyway. Another floor standing speaker, the 95F produces ultra-rich sound without the need for a crossover because all three woofers are designed to handle low frequencies.
At $2,500 each, the Paradigm Prestige 95F feels like a steal for audiophiles who value pure sound.

Revel Salon2

If you’re looking for a beautiful speaker that will be a real showpiece, but also put out some amazing sound, you don’t need to look any further than the Revel Salon2. A floor standing speaker with three titanium cone woofers, a titanium midrange and mid-woofer, and beryllium tweeter, this piano black or mahogany masterpiece is designed for optimum sonic performance. Additional baffling even reduces diffraction effects.
Of course, the best often comes at a price, and the Revel Salon2 is no exception at around $9,000 per speaker. If you want the best and you can afford the best though, you would be hard-pressed to find something better than the Revel Salon2 to fit your needs.

Performance Audio

Visit Performance Audio to learn more about choosing the best speakers for your home. Whether you love classical music or rock, having the right speakers will increase your listening pleasure.

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