The Perfect Movie Night Party in San Francisco

Seting Up a Movie Night

Everybody loves a movie night with friends and family and if you can host it in your home, so much the better! It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your new home theater projector installation from Performance Audio!
Now that you’ve got the visuals taken care of, what else do you need to do to host the perfect movie night party? Let’s take a look at some more important details.

Take Your Seats, Please

The first big consideration should be seating. Trying to cram half a dozen people on a two person love seat just won’t do.

If you’ve got a large sectional sofa, that will be a good start. Bean bags, large overstuffed pillows, even soft gaming chairs can be deployed for maximum comfort (remember that people are going to be sitting watching the film for a while). Make sure everybody has a clear line of sight to the screen, and make sure everybody has a safe spot to put their snacks.

The professional installers at Performance Audio can give you some pointers on how to make sure that everybody has a good angle to view the movie.

Visit the Concession Stand

If you’re aiming to have a theater-themed party, snacks are absolute necessities. At the very high end of things, you might have your own theater-style popcorn popper and soda fountain tucked away in a corner, ready to serve.

If you’re operating on a budget, microwave popcorn and bottled sodas will do nicely. For added flair, try grabbing some boxes of candy and some popcorn topping powders, then lay them out much like you’d see at your local multiplex.

No Talking During the Movie!

On the one hand, you want to show off how good a movie looks. On the other hand, when your friends get together, you know they’re going to talk, and probably during the movie.

If they’re film buffs, it might become a race to see who can quote the movie better. Work with that! Find appropriate spots in the movie, then pause at those points and see which of your friends does the best impersonation of an upcoming line from a character.

Or work in some trivia challenges, pausing the movie to read a question that relates to an upcoming scene. If you’re going for a “bad movie night,” give it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment and toss out special snacks for the best quips.

Our Feature Presentation

So, what movies should one show at a movie party? Whatever movies you want, really, though it helps to have some kind of underlying theme.

For example, you could do a “Famous Places of San Francisco” double feature showing The Presidio and The Rock.

Or a “Mean Streets” triple feature of The Maltese Falcon, Bullitt, and Dirty Harry.

Or even “Sci-Fi in San Fran” with Star Trek IV and Big Hero 6. For a wild party, invite your friends to cosplay as their favorite characters.

Performance Audio

Movie Night is always a great time with family and friends. Let Performance Audio help you make it a night among the stars with our home theater installations. Please contact us for more information!

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