Will a Home Theater Increase the Value of Your Home?

Beautiful Home in California

Beautiful Home in California

Everyone loves going to the movies, but long lines, ticket costs, and exorbitant prices for popcorn can throw a wet blanket on the experience. The solution is a home theater, where you get to control everything from the show time to the ambiance! While the personal enjoyment you will receive from a home theater will definitely pay dividends in quality family time, a home theater is also a valuable investment that’s as good as money in the bank.

Home Theaters at a Glance

Home theaters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be elegant or fanciful, large or small. The better the design and comfortable ambiance, the more valuable the home theater is to your home’s resale value.
A home theater is an added value feature not all that different from swimming pools, hot tubs, and lawn space. However, a home theater requires precious little maintenance and can be installed in everything from a house in the suburbs to a high rise condo. This makes it something that everyone can have, and everyone can enjoy regardless of age, season, or health. A home theater is an attractive feature for many modern homebuyers.

Design Considerations

Over-customization is one thing that you want to avoid in order to increase the “curb appeal” of your home theater. While you may love Star Trek and fancy creating a home theater that looks like a replica of the Enterprise’s bridge, your prospective buyers might lean more towards romantic comedies.
Thus, the best approach is to create a simple, yet comfortable space where you can enjoy a movie without outside disruptions distracting from the show. “Must haves” for which buyers will be looking include variable lighting, comfortable seating for at least eight people, a solid audio system, and either a projection or display that provides a clear and engaging picture.
The most valuable home theaters don’t just take into account today’s technology, they are built in such a way that they can evolve as technology improves. This means having enough plugs, wiring, and access points so that new projectors, screens, and other features can be swapped out in the future for the next latest and greatest upgrades.
You will also want the theater to blend seamlessly into the home without detracting from the value of other rooms. This means making sure that you have adequate soundproofing and thick doors to keep the sounds from disturbing individuals in other rooms while they may be working or sleeping.

Marketing Your Home Theater

As with any movie opening, promotion is the key to increasing interest. Unlike the movies, you don’t want to tease the details. Instead, give prospective buyers plenty of information to think over. Give them specifics about the room’s construction, the features you have included, and the positive impact the theater has had on your “family entertainment time.”
The better you describe the specifics of your theater, the more interested buyers will become. While home theaters are becoming increasingly popular, they still remain somewhat mysterious. By taking prospective buyers behind the curtain, you remove the mystery. This has a positive influence on a prospective buyer’s interest and desire. And, when it comes to resale value, there is nothing more valuable than a high interest level to encourage paying your asking price.

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